Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Kid-Friendly Ghost Story With A Mystery To Solve

Please welcome Kay Lalone, author of Ghostly Clues, a wonderful middle grade ghost story. I personally read this story and gave 5-stars. It’s charming, and also child friendly. I’m pleased to report, I was able to sleep with the lights off after reading it! Readers, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of her e-book. 
Thank you, Suzanne, for having me on your blog today to talk about Ghostly Clues and ghosts. I’m glad you enjoyed reading Ghostly Clues. It was a fun story to write and shows that not all ghosts are scary. 

Kay, tell us about Ghostly Clues.

First, I have always been fascinated by ghosts. My grandma Tufts died when I was around Sarah Kay’s age, the main character in Ghostly Clues. It was my first experience with death and my first ghostly experience. Through the years, my interest in ghosts and spirits has grown. I believe spirits are all around us. So that is why I write about ghosts. 

I always thought it would be cool if my grandma’s ghost or spirit would come and help me solve a mystery, so that is where the idea for Ghostly Clues came from.

The sweet scent of lilacs permeates the air around Grandma’s gravesite. Only Sarah Kay can smell Grandma’s favorite flower, and they’re not even in bloom.

Sarah Kay and her best friend, Mary Jane, believe the lilacs are a sign from Grandma’s
ghost. The girls follow one ghostly clue after another, uncovering a secret that Mom never wanted Sarah Kay to know.

Grandma makes sure Sarah Kay gets the message even from the grave. As the evidence piles up, Mom still refuses to accept the possibility Sarah Kay’s father is alive.

Sarah Kay finds Dad’s parents. A set of grandparents she didn’t realize existed. They make it clear her father is alive but days and miles separate the father and daughter reunion because Dad is a truck driver on a long haul.

Sarah Kay waits. The news reports a fatal car accident involving a semi and Sarah Kay fears the worse. She runs away which leads to Dad and the truth, Mom wanted Dad to remain dead.
Dad had faked his death so why not just stay dead. The ghostly clues of Grandma wouldn’t allow Dad to remain dead to Sarah Kay.

Is any of this story based on real life?

Yes. The scene with the ghost hand actually happened to me after my grandma Tufts died. Here is the excerpt from that scene. 

Something tugged at the bedspread. Holy smokes. My heartbeat quickened. I scooted up against the wall. The thing inched up toward my pillow. I moved as far away from the ghostly hand as I could get. It was transparent and the pink of the bedspread was visible through it. I screamed, but the sound caught in my throat. It crept toward me, only a hand with no arm, closer—closer—the thing turned whitish, resembling a puff of smoke, and disappeared. I took a deep breath.

My heart was beating so fast it felt like it would pop right out of my chest. With a trembling hand, I clicked on the lamp and glanced around the room. Bathed in the safety of the glowing light, I snuggled back under the covers. I searched for my rag doll, patting around the blanket. It must have fallen to the floor. I looked over the edge, and there, lying on the carpet was Grandma’s diary.

Ew, I’m getting goosebumps. I too have had interesting things happen after my grandfather died, but mine came in the form of dreams. I still remember the first one where I stood behind his house and he couldn’t see or hear me. I wanted to talk to him because I thought he was lonely, but there was a barrier there. I woke up crying. I’ve put this same dream (slightly modified) in my currant work A Town Bewitched. The interesting thing was that every time I was going through challenging times, my grandfather would appear to me in dreams and would walk with me, never uttering a word.

I’ve also had dreams about loved ones who have passed on. I think it is a good way for their spirits to speak to us. Also it might be a good way for ghosts to speak to us. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about a ghost boy. That is the name I have given him because I have no idea who he is and what he wants. In the dream, ghost boy was climbing up some stairs and he looked at me. That’s all I remember of the dream, but when I woke up I was frightened for some reason. I’m hoping he returns some night because I think there is a story there.  

So what are you working on now? I’d love to read more of your stories.

Family Secret has been sent to MuseItUp. Family Secret is about a teenage boy who learns his parents’ secrets that put his life in danger where he must fight demons. This story also has a ghost who helps him. I’m not telling who the ghost is. 

Also I’m revising another story, Mysterious Visions, which also has ghosts in it. These ghosts are not too friendly. 

Kay, now that I’m all jittery, could you please tell your readers where to buy your book. 

Ghostly Clues is published by MuseItUp so their website is the best place to find the ebook.

But it is also available at these links too.
And if readers want to get in touch with you to share ghost stories, where can they contact you?

Oh, I love to share ghost stories, so readers don’t be afraid to contact me. 

My website   www.kaylalone.weebly.com
Thanks for a scary interview, Kay. I may be sleeping with the lights on tonight. Readers, remember to leave a comment to win a copy of Kay’s e-book Ghostly Clues.

Thanks, Suzanne. It was fun to talk about ghosts. Sleeping with the lights on might not keep the ghosts away, when they invade your dreams.

Yes, readers, leave a comment. Share some of your creepy ghost stories and a chance to win Ghostly Clues.


  1. I've always loved a good ghost story. Our family had an experience with a ghost in our house. I called him the man with the hat. Although I never saw him, my husband and kids did. I often smelled after shave or cologne and the room often got very cold. When we first moved in there were strange noises in the house every night for several weeks. Our dog refused to step foot in the dining room and I spent every night at my sister's. My brother in law (who picked us up) thought I was crazy until he put a tape recorder in the house. My husband was a truck driver and on the road, so I was pregnant alone with my 4 kids. It was actually pretty scary for a while. One of my sons said the man wearing a hat would sit in a chair upstairs and watch them play.

    1. It does sound scary. Maybe the man wearing the hat was lonely and needed to watch the children play. My two older sons were young when their grandfather died, but they say they saw him after he passed away. My youngest son who never got the chance to meet his grandfather says he also saw his grandfather's spirit. I think it was his way of checking on them.

  2. Oh, Rosanne! That is so scary. Did he eventually go away?

  3. I believe ghosts are all around us. We can't go through the Chickamauga Battlefield without feeling them everywhere. That was the location of the second worst battle of the Civil War, and used to be the scene of re-enactments every September, during the anniversary of the battle.

    1. I agree. I think it would be fun to check out battlefields as well as other haunted places.

  4. Gee, I'd love to go check that place out. There's another in Nova Scotia at Granville Ferry. It's an old battle site as well.

  5. Everything about this story sounds good. Love the cover!

  6. I once lived in an apartment where several people claimed they could see something flit by out of the corner of their eye. There were all sorts of strange, unaccountable noises too. I found out just before I moved that someone had died in the apartment right above.

    1. Sounds creepy. but to find out someone died in the apartment makes it scary. I think there are some ghosts who don't mean to scare us and there are other ghosts who want to hurt us.