Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Supermom Writes a Must-read Boook!

Today I’m blogging about supermom and author of soon-to-be-released novel The Book of Helen. Sherry Antonetti seems to have never-ending energy with her very large family and her writing career. Readers, leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Sherry’s e-book. 

Sherry, is it true you have ten kids? 

Yes! But when I started writing Helen, in fairness, I only had 8.  Two more babies, four computers (we share a lot of machines) and six years later, here we are.

Dare I ask what you do in your spare time?    

What is this thing you call spare time? When I can, I blog, read, drink diet coke and eat chocolate. 

How delightful in today’s age of small families. We’re friends with two large families. One has ten kids, the other eleven. They are full of stories! Your life must be very rich and busy. 

It is lovely and never dull.  Mornings are rough, with 8 people who need lunches, at least three pairs of shoes and five (five!) socks to find, and breakfast for 9 before 7:30.  After dropping everyone off and getting back home, it’s 9 o’clock, and I’ve made 17 meals and still haven’t eaten.  But there are the glorious moments like when the five and seven-year-old are reading to the two-year-old a bed time story and telling her about flash cards and school and the 13-year-old son is playing Star Wars and Angry Birds with his brother who has Down’s Syndrome and the two of them are just giggling all over the place.  My favorite experience is Sunday dinner. We use real plates and it’s a whole family sit down event usually with a dessert or something to make the night festive. 

That is so moving, Sherry! I really admire you. Now tell us about your novel, The Book of Helen. The cover absolutely captures my imagination.  

Ohhh, I love the cover.  Many thanks to Suzannah Safi at http://www.design.suzannahsafi.com/ for her beautiful, beautiful work. We wanted something that was dramatic, beautiful and had an epic feel about it with a touch of the destruction/doom that does come from being in Helen’s wake.  Suzannah really captured the tone of the story in a great and mysterious luminous way.  
Now, the book!  Helen of Troy is sixty-five, newly widowed and finds herself exiled to the island of Rhodes.   Without friends, a husband, a role, a crown, she must start over and combat a legacy of her own life that has become legend.  She wants her own stories to be remembered, not just those created in the fancy and fantasy of poets, and thus starts telling her own life to a newly acquired scribe/servant Pythia.  Haunted by her past, striving to craft a future and lonely in the present, Helen does what she has always done everywhere, she floods the people with beauty and feasts, hoping to win them over.  However there are some who can’t forget and won’t forgive and have a hard deep need for something akin to justice with the woman who caused the deaths of thousands of men both Greek and Trojan.   

That sounds profoundingly interesting. Now where can we pre-order your e-book? 

It will be available as of May 30th on http://museituppublishing.com/ but you can pre-order it now. It will also be  available at Amazon, Kindle, Barns& Noble.com, Sony e reader store, Diesel E-books, Smashwords, Bookstrand and Kobo.   

Still waiting for the exact launch date, eh? I sure know that feeling. Been there and done that. Sherry, it’s been a pleasure to interview you. I wish you the best of luck with your novel. I know I will certainly buy a copy. Who wouldn’t? It’s so fascinating! Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy too.

Thank you so much!  Hope everyone enjoys Helen’s story, she’s been a fun glamorous imaginary friend these past six years. 


  1. I can't even wrap my mind around having that many kids - and writing also! My mom had FIFTEEN brothers/sisters. HOLY MOLY!

    Great interview, ladies. Sherry, your book sounds fabulous. What an impressive lady!

  2. No, me neither. I'm constantly running with my two boys. I think there must be a tiered system happening. Has to be.

  3. Ten kids AND you finished a book?!? I'm impressed!!! :) My parents were foster parents, so growing up there were always 6 kids in the house + whatever neighborhood friends happened to be around. Don't know how Mom did it. I'm lucky to get any writing accomplished and I only have one teenager living with me. :) God certainly knew what you could handle. It sounds like you have a beautiful family, Sherry.

    You're book sounds intriguing. I admit, I've never thought what happened to Helen of Troy in her older years or how she saw events. What a great perspective, and one I'm guessing that many of us will find surprisingly relatable despite the difference in circumstances. Can't wait to see more. Congratulations!

  4. Sherry is an amazing Christian, mother, role model, writer, and (I assume ;) wife. I'm happy for and proud of you, Sherry!

  5. My parents had 6 kids, and my blended family is 8, but we didn't have all of them around at the same time, luckily. You truly are an amazing woman.

  6. My parents had four kids. But my grandparents each had 10. I guess that's why things like scouts and girl guides were really important. To keep the kids busy and set goals for them.

  7. I love your cover, Sherry. It is truly beautiful and very dramatic. Good luck with the release of your book!

  8. Fascinating concept, Sherry: Helen of Troy as a senior. It's a great cover too. Good luck with all those meals, now that really boggles my mind.

  9. It would take me an hour to make that many lunches. I bet your kids are those really nice kind who aren't the slightest bit spoiled.

  10. Mary Raimes...thank you! as for lunches think of the army...apple apple apple clementine because of braces clementine because of braces...apple. juice box juice box juice box juice box waterbottle for one who doesn't like juice, V8 for teen plus water...cheese stick granola bar cheese stick cheese stick granola bar ...bagel baloney baloney baloney turkey w/mayo baloney....that's lunch. They're spoiled.