Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Novel Based On A Dream

Today, I have the honour and privilege of interviewing Heather Greenis whose first novel, Natasha’s Dream, will be released on June 21st. I began reading my complimentary copy last night and I’m hooked! Readers, leave a comment for a chance to win an e-book. Heather, please do tell us about your novel. 

The Natasha saga is a contemporary saga.  There are two stories within the saga. Will and Keeghan are current.  Stewart and Natasha are historical characters. There is a romance, but most takes place behind closed doors.  I hint about it, and the reader knows something is happening, but no graphic details. Natasha is raised without affection from her parents who wanted another son.  She rebels without their knowledge and discovers a life outside the walls of her home. Obviously, that is where Stewart comes in. Natasha’ Dream ends leaving the reader with a lot of unanswered questions. You should be eager to read the next book in the saga. My second editor classified it as a YA romance.  

That sounds sooo interesting. Unanswered questions – love it. How did you come up with the idea for Natasha’s Dream?  

I had a dream about the characters. In particular about the ending of the Natasha’s Dream. I woke and couldn’t get the characters out of my mind.  My husband suggested I write a story about it.  I had the ending, but needed a plot to get me there. 

Oh, don’t you just hate that? It’s like coming up with a good chorus, and then you have to come up with the verses in a song. And you say there’s a sequel?

Oh yeah! My story turned into a saga. My husband read the first section, complained it was way too short and that there was more story to tell. The it got long. It’s all his fault. It turned into a four part saga.

Natasha’s Dream
Natasha’s Diary - launching December 2013
Natasha’s Hope - launching March 2014
Natasha’s Legacy - submitted for consideration

All four were written before I submitted the first.  They needed some editing, but the plot was done. I have submitted Natasha’s Legacy to my publisher and am currently waiting to see the first round of edits from my editor so we can begin ‘the process’ for Natasha’s Diary’. I expect to be busy over the next few months getting 3 books ready to launch.  Good thing my hubby is good at cleaning the house, and making meals. He and the dog would starve.

Haha, Heather! Your husband sounds just awesome. I can’t wait to read the entire series. Now, Heather, tell us about your life. Do you have a day job? Are you married with 12 children? Lol! Please share.

I worked in finance for 13 years. Part on cash and the balance assisting clients with bank accounts, investments and lending. I assisted a lot of people financing their first home, through renovations and upgrading to a bigger and better home. I enjoyed the clients and was inspired by a lot, but hated the bureaucracy. I stepped back from full time and went casual, travelling to different branches in the area and helping over holidays, sick leave, whatever. The bank made a major error that affected me personally a couple years ago and I resigned. No regrets on my part, but I miss the branch staff and the clients. I learned a lot from them and was inspired daily. 

I’m married but we don’t have kids.  My husband I are both close to our siblings and we have nieces and nephews. 

We live in the country, I have far too many flower gardens and a veggy garden. We have one domestic critter, a very spoiled dog. My sister calls her ‘the princess’.  Hum, that isn’t meant as a complement, but it’s true. If I could only convince the dog to get a job and pay some bills but she uses the fact she doesn’t have a thumb as an excuse, at least that is what my hubby says. I think she would make the perfect greeter at a store. She would greet everyone with a wagging tail. 

Heather, you’re making me laugh. I wish we had a dog, but with allergies and all, it’s not likely. You’re baby is really cute. Now where can we order, or pre-order your novel? 

I don’t have a website, but it will be available on the MuseitUp Publishing site, Amazon, Kobo, iTunes.  All the big distributors (if you like it, I’d appreciate a review)


Thank you, Heather. As I said, I started your book last night. Yes, folks, it’s true. I was one of the lucky ones to get a sneak preview from Heather! Maybe you can too if you leave a comment. 

Too funny.  You’re reading mine as I’m reading yours. I began Shadow of a Unicorn last night.  Read the first chapter and enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to the story having seen your book-trailer.

Thanks, Heather. I rather love unicorns and horses too. Thanks for guest blogging. It’s been fun.


  1. The blog looks great. Thanks for hosting me. My last blog before I'm officially a published author. You've had me busy today. Following your orders, I am now registered, is that the right term??? on Goodreads. My book exists, but you must admit, I couldn't do that without an ISBN or a cover. Both rather important. The link; http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18103984-natasha-s-dream?ac=1
    I think I need your expertise to make that a live link!!!
    Don't forget to mark my novel as 'reading' I've updated my profile to include that I'm reading, "The shadow of the Unicorn'
    Congrats on your recent reviews. I'm not surprised. I'm enjoying it.
    Thanks for all your advise along the pathway to publication. You've been amazing.

  2. Heather, do you have your author dashboard on Goodreads?

  3. Heather, it's alive and well on Goodreads! Marked it as reading.

  4. Congrats Heather! Doing the happy dance for you


  5. Congrats!!! I did the same--wrote the whole story before submitting the first. :) Looking forward to the read! :)

  6. Happy dance for us, Nancy. Thanks Erin. Being a saga, it began as one big story, Too big. I decided to split it.