Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bull in a China Shop? Not. Wendy Laharnar's Exquisite Writing About a Baby Bull and William Tell

Today I’m interviewing exquisite author Wendy Laharnar. Her writing craftsmanship is superb. I’ve read her novel and short stories and can’t stop talking about them. Readers, leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of one of Wendy’s e-books. 

Thanks for inviting me to your place and for your generous introduction, Suzanne. You make me blush, but I am very happy you enjoyed my stories.

Wendy, I fell in love with the little bull calf in your short chapter-book, Billy the Bonsai Bull. Could you please tell us about it?

I loved Billy too. He was real. He had such a sweet nature but he could be stubborn.
I raised Billy from three weeks of age. He was more difficult than the calves I had raised from birth who knew only me as their mother. Somehow, I had to keep Billy alive until he was old enough to fend for himself, but Billy knew he had a cow for his real mother and he missed her, so wasn’t as accepting of me. He enjoyed being patted by the children, but he desperately wanted to belong to the herd. The trouble was, he settled for a false friend, just so he could fit in. This increased his sadness and he didn’t grow or thrive. I had to find a way to make him happy and that meant thinking like a cow.

 My son is an animal lover and I’m sure he’ll really enjoy this story.

I hope so. I wrote the story for my husband and me, but it really suits children because it deals with loss, loneliness, bullying and friendship. Being set on an Australian farm might interest readers in other countries too.

I’ve also recently read The Unhewn Stone and was impressed with first of all, your writing abilities, and secondly, with this intriguing world you have so finely woven. Could you tell our readers about it?

Thank you, Suzanne. As you know, The Unhewn Stone is set in Switzerland. It begins in the present, but Stefan, the inn keeper’s son, is transported back to 1307AD and the time of Wilhelm Tell. Stefan belongs to the family of Tell’s enemy so is attempting to prevent the legend from happening for reasons of family honour. In his adventure, Stefan encounters his ancestors, is befriended by his ancient cousin, pursued by an evil knight and shape-shifting sibyl, and meets all kinds of medieval characters who help or hinder him along the way.

Stefan is proud of his superiority but soon learns more about himself and relationships in the 14th century than he did in the 21st century. I learnt more about myself, too, and while writing and researching The Unhewn Stone I discovered that Stefan’s philosophy had become mine.

I place this novel up there with Lord of the Ring. It’s that good.

Oh me, oh my, I wish…J  That is an amazing thing to say, Suzanne. Thank you!

Wendy, tell us about your everyday life. Do you write all day, or do you have a day job and secretly write in the darkness of night or in the wee hours of dawn?

I used to write in the wee small hours when I had a day job. All-nighters were quite common too, especially when editing my accepted manuscripts. I also wrote scenes in the body of an email for half an hour before work and would send them to my home computer. By the end of the week it was amazing how much of the work in progress I had ready to edit.

Now that I am supposedly free to write at any time, my self-discipline has flown out the window. It is quite a struggle to find the time for my new novel, what with the self-promotion and promoting other worthy novelists. However, when I am inside my stories I find the most pleasure and am amazed by the surprises.

I sure know what you mean. I have the same difficulties. Wendy, where can we buy your books?

The Unhewn Stone is an ebook at
Muse it up; barnes and noblesmashwords; and most online book stores.

The short stories, Happiness Guaranteed, Billy the Bonsai Bull, A Summer Squall are also available at kobo and the above venues, but can be easily found all in the one place at the muse it up bookstore

Readers might like to visit my website and my blog, or like The Unhewn Stone page on Facebook.

Thank you, Wendy for such a lovely interview. I feel like I’ve been sitting in your living room having a cup of tea with you. Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win an e-book copy of one of Wendy’s novels.

Suzanne, it has been a delight to visit your refreshing blog. Thank you for having me here, today.


  1. Lovely interview, Wendy and Suzanne. Wendy, I love the sound of The Unhewn Stone. What an intriguing time and place to travel back to!

  2. The Unhewn Stone sounds fascinating. I've added it to my Goodreads list.

  3. Wendy's stories are amazing and wonderful adventures. Check out the video trailer for The Unhewn Stone-- wonderful original music and great imagery


  4. Popular lady is our Ms. Wendy, but then I'm not surprised. I love reading your stories Wendy and as soon as I catch up will be adding these to my Kindle so I can catch up. Great interniew Suzanne...makes me wish I wrote moderate stuff just so I could come over and spend time visiting. Nancy now I have to plug my earphones in, since this desktop doesn't have speakers and check out that trailer.

  5. Hello everyone. Greetings from Australia.

    Hi Helena,
    Not only is the Switzerland of Wilhelm Tell a wonderful place to travel back to, it is fantastic to visit today. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits there with my husband and two granddaughters. My hope is that some reader, some day will travel in Stefan's footsteps. We did, every step of the way.

    Hi Jeff, You can't imagine how pleased that makes me to hear you have added TUS to your Goodreads list. I'd given up on Goodreads since only a few close friends added it. You've put a smile on my face :)

    Hi Nancy, my stories owe very much to my wonderful editors, Nancy M Bell and Annie Duguid. I thank you both very much. Nancy, thanks for mentioning The Unhewn Stone video. The You Tube link is on my webpage above. My son wrote the music and created the video. I love it.

    Hi Lin, You make me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) I wish I could add more steam to my stories like you do, so I could come and play with the big kids. I did try at the end of TUS but I guess you'd call it Puppy Love. :)

    Suzanne, Hugs to you for being such a lovely hostess.

    Thank you all for your loving support.

  6. Most welcome, Wendy. And Lin, I am going to one day get around to buying Santa is a Lady. Who could resist with at title like that?