Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who Would You Choose - The Princess or the Life of Your Dragon Friend?

Today I’m introducing an exciting new children’s author, Antje Hergt. Her first novel, Darinel Dragonhunter is an exciting action-packed novel that both boys and girls will enjoy and it's being released today! Readers leave a comment for a chance to win an e-book copy of Antje’s novel. Antje, please do tell us about your novel.

My book is about Prince Darinel who has traveled for a long time after being expelled from his father’s kingdom and just wants a new home. Coming from a warrior kingdom, Darinel despises violence, but he is charmed by Princess Tuskja’s dare to kill the beast lurking in the mountains. So he sets out to fight, but instead of finding a fierce dragon, he finds a friend. The dragon’s malicious humor and his love of fairy tales entangle Darinel in a summer of adventures, while danger stirs in the East, the Dark Prince. This proud prince seeks revenge for being refused by the Princess and humiliated by the dragon.

In compliance with the king’s decree, Darinel is torn between his friendship with the dragon and his love for Princess Tuskja, whom he can only marry if he kills his friend. Before he can make a decision, the kingdom is under attack. Now it is up to the dragon to either help his friend or respect his wish to not interfere.

Wow, what a dilemma! Choosing between the girl he loves and the dragon. I love the fact that you have made the dragon such a charming character when they’re normally seen as undesirable. This is a good lesson for children to learn. Now what age group is your targeted audience?

Darinel - Dragonhunter is a middle grade novel, so it is for the wider spectrum of 9-14 year olds. 

Antje, I understand you live in Canmore, Alberta. I have very fond memories of Canmore because we used to stay at the Alpine Clubhouse on ski trips. Back then it was a small town. I hear it has grown up. How lucky to live in such a beautiful, majestic part of the world.

You are so right, Canmore is an often forgotten gem in the Rocky Mountains. I have lived there for ten years and it is my home in Canada. At the moment I am on an extended stay in Germany and I do miss the Rockies a lot. 

Probably a good thing since it's flooded right now. But originally you came from Germany! How impressive that you can write in English to the point of being published. How many people in the world can do that? Do you find it a challenge to write in a foreign language? 

Thank you, you are too kind. The beginning was hard and I was struggling for the right words and grammar, but I had already studied English linguistics in Germany which was a great help. Once I got started and had the help of many fellow writers it became easier. I felt like I emerged myself into the English language.

What do you do for a day job? 

I work at the SOS Children Villages with children who can't live with their parents anymore.

Aw, that sounds very noble, but very sad. Tell me more about these villages. I’ve heard of them. 

It is very rewarding to work with children and the SOS Children VIllages have a great concept. The children are placed with one 'SOS Children Mother/Father' in a home and are supported by various specialized social workers/ caregivers. The SOS House forms part of a SOS Village, so that the children have lots of interaction with other children in the same situation. It is like the African Saying: "A child is raised by the village".

Well best of luck with that.  Now where can we buy a copy of your novel? 

You can buy my book at the following links:

Antje, it’s been very fascinating interviewing you. You lead a very interesting life and my hat’s off to you for this amazing novel. Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Darinel Dragonhunter.

Thank you so much for having my on your blog!

My pleasure.


  1. Darinel the Dragonhunter sounds fascinating! Prince, a love, conflict and a dragon oh my...
    I wish you the best with your new release.

  2. Your teen novel sounds like an exciting adventure. Writing in your second language is quite inspirational. I don't even have a second language. :) Wishing you much success with your book

  3. This book sounds intriguing, just what most middle grade readers love. Good luck Antje and thank you Suzanne for letting us know about it.!