Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Writer Who Loves Dogs As Much As I Do!

I love stories of the Great White North because when I was 23, I spent a summer in the small town of Carcross, Yukon, where I lived in a log cabin with no running water or electricity. I had a husky pup who howled me awake every morning. It was probably one of the most satisfying summers I ever had because I was in charge of every little aspect of my life – heating my cabin, chopping wood, fetching water to boil, washing clothes by hand, hanging the clothes to dry. You get the idea. So I’m always thrilled to see stories like Victoria Roder’s Sled Dog Tales. Readers, if you’d like to win an e-book copy, please leave a comment at the end of the blog.
Victoria, tell us about this book. I’m so curious!  

Thanks for inviting me to your site, Suzanne. I can sum up my middle grade book, Sled Dog Tales with the words, friends, dogs and fun.  Hold on tight, as Lahela Kendell and her sled dog team train during the off season and work together during race season. Raging waters, sled accidents and cheating racers make for ferrous competition and after the little Husky Miki knocks over the make-your-own-sundae table at training camp, everyone wonders if he’ll ever become a sled dog. 

Where did you get these ideas? Have you ever lived up North? 

I live in Central Wisconsin and some people think we are up North, but actually, we go “up north” when we want to get away from it all.  I enjoy camping, hiking and snow-showing with my dogs. I also enjoy attending the Sled Dog races in our area every year. Between my love for dogs in general, and an article I wrote for Canadian Kids Magazine on Sled Dog Racing I came up with my idea for Sled Dog Tales.  

 Do you have other children’s books? Yes, I also have a picture Book from DWB Publishing titled An Important Job to Do: A Noah’s Ark Tale. Climb on board Noah’s Ark and hear the animals’ side of the story. Evan, the mouse feels too small to help the other animals, but soon learns that big or small doesn’t matter. God has an important job for each of us to do.

I also have a Middle Grade mystery adventure titled, The Curse of King Ramesses II. Dinosaurs, a wall of skulls, and mummies, oh my! One fateful night, Mia and her best friend Jody stow away in the Bradford Museum to investigate the mysterious mummy exhibit from the Cairo Museum. Rumours of the Curse of King Ramesses II have surfaced. It’s believed, that due to the king’s tyranny the Egyptian people vowed to rise up against him. In revenge, Ramesses II vowed he would never rest until all of the perpetrators against him and their ancestors were brought to justice. Now, spend the night in the dark, deserted museum. Experience the roar of the dinosaurs, the cold blast of the arctic, and always run past the wall of skulls. Be prepared for a night of heart-racing action as the girls dare to solve the ancient Egyptian curse of King Ramesses II. Will Mia and Jody survive the investigation or will the mummified king’s revenge be fulfilled?

Tell us about yourself? Where do you live and do you have a day job

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I work with children during the day as a director of a preschool and daycare which led to my interest in writing for children. In my free time I enjoy riding motorcycle, shooting bow at targets and camping and hiking with my dogs. 

Where can we buy a copy of one of your books? Sled Dog Tales and An Important Job to Do: A Noah’s Ark Tale

The Curse of King Ramesses II 

or on Amazon

Please feel free to check out my website. I also write paranormal and mystery novels for adults.  

Thanks, Victoria, for a super interview. Readers don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of one of Victoria’s e-books.


  1. Having long been a fan of ancient Egypt (well, ancient anything, really), your Curse of King Ramses II sounds like a good read.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Renee. Curse of King Ramesses II was fun to write and reminds me of something I would have done with my best friend.

  3. Suzanne, I loved the picture you painted of your summer in a log cabin. And Victoria, your book about dog-sledding sounds wonderful I would love to try this hobby sometime - if only we had enough snow in England! Good luck with your novels

  4. Thanks Helena, going to the races and seeing the fun the dogs have is a blast.

  5. Thank you for sharing! What an interesting read. You can nearly feel the cold.

  6. You must see a lot of dog sledding where you live, Antje.

  7. Victoria, your books sound like ones my grandkids would love - Especially the one on sled dogs! All your kids books sound fabulous. Congratulations on all your successes!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping in Antje & Penny. I loved to read mystery and adventure as a child and really enjoy writing it as an adult. Well, chronologically I'm an adult.