Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chris Weigand - A Dragon Lady You'll Love

A very hearty and warm welcome to Chris Weigand, author of the The Palace of the Twelve Pillars, a YA fantasy trilogy. Chris is a Christian writer. Oh, how I sigh with relief when I know that I’m about to embark upon a journey through a novel where I’ll be spared detail I’d rather not know about, or read about lack of morals. I love values. I think in today’s day and age, kids are bombarded with ideals that are anything but ideal. Let’s hear it for good old fashioned integrity! And readers, if you leave a comment, you might win a copy of one of Chris Weigand’s e-books.

Chris, I see you have three novels out. Could you give us a brief synopsis?

Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One:

The Peace Summit was in shambles, the prince kidnapped.
When the rival king realizes he kidnapped the wrong prince, hostilities escalate. Loyalties to each other and country are tested for the twin princes of Crato, Joachim and Brandan.

Joachim, captive of King Waldrom, faces deception and betrayal as he struggles to find his way home. Brandan, at home with a father focused on rescuing Joachim, wrestles with his own demons as he searches for his place in the world and the favor of his father.

Torn from the safety and peace of their childhood, they are thrust into a world where bonds of family, brotherhood and roles as heirs to Crato are tested. Through war, spiritual journeys, death and marriage, will they choose the path of good or evil? Who can be trusted, as the world they know slips into a whirlpool of chaos?

Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two: 

Brandan and Joachim have returned from the brink of Hell, but everyone questions if they are truly healed and one with Asha.

As each prince tries to readjust to life, they must face the funeral of their father and their missing mother.

They each take on the responsibility of ruling a country with new wives by their sides, but can they and the countries survive the trials that will ensue because of their choices?

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three:

Joachim banishes Brandan to prison island of Hyogo. His infant son, Prince Airyn disappears from his cradle. A chain of events is set in motion that will pit brother against brother, friend against friend, parents against children as Brandan and Joachim struggle for control of their sanity and their very lives.

With Brandan declared dead and his son missing Joachim sinks into despair and anger, where those close to him fear he may never return.

Is Brandan really dead and if he is, who is manipulating the Mantion and enemies of Crato?
Can Maeve save her country and her husband from the tentacles of evil pervading the land?

Sounds really interesting. Kind of like Lord of the Ring. Good ‘before you go to bed’ reading.
Chris, what do you do in your spare time? Are you a mom, or do you walk dogs? Perhaps you’re a sous-chef in a pickle burger restaurant? Possibly a tickle monster for grandchildren? Or maybe you sell insurance for arthritic hamsters?

They all sound like great careers. I may have to look into them, find a school where I can major in one, especially the tickle monster for grandchildren. I have three beautiful granddaughters that I could practice on. In all seriousness, for just a minute, I am a stay-at-home mom for a 13 year-old girl, and I am a wife. My writing is done while my daughter is at school or busy with one of her many activities. When I have the opportunity I like to spend time with my grown children and their families, especially my three granddaughters.  Then of course there is always Bible study and since we recently moved from the state of Washington back to Pennsylvania I am working on finding other church and writing activities to become involved in.

Thank you, Chris. I can’t wait to read The Palace of the Twelve Pillars series. Readers, leave a comment for a chance to win one of Chris Weigand’s e-books.


  1. Thank you for letting me visit and talk about my granddaughters. It was great fun.

  2. Great blog. I love books with morals as well. They are on my list of 'to read'
    Heather G - Natasha Saga