Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Akanksha Shrestha - Kid Writer

Today, I’m honouring a young writer named Akanksha Shrestha I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Akanksha face to face because we made contact as a result of an author visit I did at her school last year. Akanksha began writing to me via email and wrote me this most wonderful novella. Now before you read it, you must know that Akanksha is from another country where they speak a different language. You'd never know it.

Akanksha, what country did you come from and how long ago?
- I came from Nepal which is a third world country. I immigrated to Canada about 1 and half years ago.

Did you find it hard to learn to speak English?
- Not really. I studied in an American Affiliated private school in Nepal. In fact, I am better at English   than Nepali.

Why did your family move to Canada?
-Well, my mom wanted me and my brother to have a better future, a better education and a better life. Nepal is a third world country as I mentioned and it has a lot of corruptions. That time was horrible.  Kids would get kidnapped every single day even inside their own house. We were really terrified. My dad on the other hand didn't want to leave his home country. My mom and dad used to argue so much, but finally we came to Canada and that was the right choice for me.

What grade are you in?
-  When I first wrote to you I was in grade 5 at the age 10. Now, I am in grade 6 at the age of 12.

And I'm glad you have been writing to me. You are a fascinating person! And now, without further ado, here is Akanksha's story.

The Adventures of Robert holly
Chapter 1
Hello. This is my journal of all my adventures. Oh, by the way, my name is Robert Holly. I am an adventurer and an explorer to unfounded land. My dad and mom were inventors in West Virginia, and the gadgets they invented were a BIG help in my adventures!
I was passing through desert hiking when I reached the woods. I planned to make my tent there and spend the night. I had brought some of my gadgets and communication devices to use them for an emergency. I was preparing the fire when I heard this unusual sound like man-eating giants approaching me. I had heard that those are called ogres. Well I was about sleep, but I had this curious feeling about that noise and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. 
The following day I had to hunt for food, so I went with my dog. Did I mention I had a companion and a well-trained hunting dog with me? His name is Alex, and he loves meat, so I love to take him while hunting. He’s a big help.
We went deep to the centre of the woods and searched wild boar or even a bird, but had no luck. We had to stick with the canned food I brought along. I had all day to myself, so I made my way through the woods until I spotted a den that was more like a cave. I was very curious, so I entered, totally not thinking about the consequences.
It seemed very dark and spooky, but I had a habit of dark and unfounded places, so it didn’t stop me. I went deeper when I heard a growl. That sound was familiar to me. It seemed like I had heard it before. When I reached the end, I was too frightened to speak…

Chapter 2
I saw 8 or 9 terrifying ogres. The leader looked at me straight in the eye. Alex was weeping a little. Then I remembered I had this gadget just like a sword, so to survive, I had to fight my way through them. I took my gadget and started fighting. First I cut his ear, but it grew back. He grabbed me by his hulky hands and tried to crush me into pieces!
I fortunately slipped down and landed on a saw-like log. The ogre glared at me like I was an appetizer – well maybe I really was. Which ogre wouldn’t eat a man instead spinach?  Well, the next thing I saw myself doing was running away, carrying Alex tightly in my arms. I was scared. I figured I had no chance of living, but I had come this far, so why not try to run? So I did what my mind said. 
The ogre kept following me! Then I remembered that I had a freeze-ray.  My dad had invented it for my 7th surprise birthday, and I still had it! I was glad. He made me run for 3 hours in the woods, but now he had to pay for it. I froze him into an ice statue. Wow, was I glad!  
The next day, Alex and I headed in search of villages for shelter. I was pleased to leave this horrid place. Who would be happy in a place like this with ogres and no creatures to hunt and or any other  food? No one could live here for more than a week. So I headed toward the dirty lake…aka – the swamp.
I remembered that if the ice melted, the ogre would be released so I pushed it into his cave were he belonged and blocked the cave entry with stones. I was about to go when I heard that sound again. What was it? It was strange because I had just locked him in that cave. 
Then something hit me. OUCH! What was it? 

Chapter 3
When I woke up, I was in a cave just like the ones you see in movies. All the ogres surrounded me and I was frozen solid. Last time I was attacked by one ogre, but now there were quadrillions of them. 
 I would have loved to freeze all of them, but they had my bags. I tried to look for Alex, but he was nowhere in sight. I refused to think of death because I was sure I wouldn’t die today!
My dad always told me that good people have good luck and go to Heaven. I was a good guy. I used to help old people. And trapping ogres was a good thing because I was doing it so others wouldn’t get attacked by these beasts. I was still thinking about being good that I totally forgot the bad…. No the WORST stuff. 
I was in a mummy-like coffin. Was he going to bury me alive? Nope, that wasn’t it. It was TO ROAST ME INSIDE! I wanted to escape out of it, but I was tied tight with the thickest rope I ever saw. My mouth was closed because they had put an ointment that numbed my tongue. All the words that came out of my mouth were, “blah wa blu blu”. That may sound funny to you, but really, that was all I could blabber  during those hours. I had to think of an plan or else I was going to land in the big fat belly of a filthy giant beast. 
I tried to look on the bright side, but there was no bright side! Oh,  what was I going to do?
I tried to loosen the rope for several hours, but didn’t have any luck at all. Then, what did I see? Glittering right beside my leg, those irresponsible beasts had left a beaming knife. 
Again, I was successful in escaping them. I planned to take Alex and move away as SOON as possible. I took my gadgets. Thank God nothing was broken. I was happy for that! Then a terrible thing happened. I froze solid again…

Chapter 4
I was annoyed. “What now, God? Haven’t you put me into too much of trouble yet?” 
Then I saw my parents. I thought they were dead, but I was wrong. During their jungle safari they were not attacked by elephants. Those egotisticalatrocious had captured them. I was blank I could not hear my heart breathing. I was cold. I turned blue and thought it was the end of me….
My parents were full of tears, but I was angry inside – not with my parents, but with those ogres. The love of my parents gave me a full boost of energy inside.  I busted out through those ropes and headed toward those filthy ogres. 
Alex bit every ogre that came in my way. With my parents alive I had a new power inside me and this  was the time to test it. I lived because I refused to let my parents down.


  1. Well done, Akanksha! I am sure we will be hearing more from you in the not too distant future. Kudos to Suzanne for discovering you!

  2. How lovely to meet you Akanksha! Wishing you much fun with your writing :-)

  3. Akanksha, I enjoyed reading your story's journal. Great way to write in first person.

    I wish you all the best with your writing endeavors. Thank you, Akanksha and Suzanne.

  4. What a gripping story, Akanksha! I loved the way you built up the tension with the ogres. Wishing you much success with your writing. You're a great story teller!

  5. Great story Akanksha. I love fantasy stories and can't believe you're only 12 if you can write like that. Keep going, you have a good future in writing.

  6. Nice to meet you, Akanksha, the storyteller. You are on the path to becoming a great writer. Thank, Suzanne for introducing us to her and for encouraging young writers to write.

  7. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Akanksha. I had my fifth grade daughter read it, and she enjoyed it too!

  8. Akanksha, I showed your story to a whole bunch of kids today!

  9. I cant believe that I actually got interviewed by an Gold Global E-book Award holding author. You dont know how happy I am! Thanks so much everyone for such support :-) it makes me feel to write more!

  10. And so you should. Do you realize that most of these people who have read and commented on your story are authors themselves?

  11. Herro. hi anna its owen from eric and eric from owen named anna