Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Great Between Tweens Blog Hop on its Final Leg!

Finally, the last installment of the Great Between Tween Blog Hop. Today, I interview Sandy Carlson whose novel, War Unicorn, will soon be released from Muse It Up Publishing. What? Did I really say Unicorn? Oh, behold I bring great tidings - another unicorn story! Oh, how I love unicorns. Ahem. Now where was I? Oh yes, this is Sandy Carlson. Sandy, meet my readers, readers meet Sandy.
Hello everyone!
Now Sandy, could you please tell us what your novels are about?  
My first tween fantasy, called Star Opening, is about a 12-year-old girl who is spun to another planet where she unwittingly helps set a nation right. All the while there, she is in a time-crunch to return to earth for her family and to save her sister.
My first tween fantasy with Muse it Young is called War Unicorn. It is about 14-year-old Reginald who needs to stop a war with the help of a very rude unicorn. War Unicorn’s press release is anticipated for this summer.
A rude unicorn. I love it. Where on earth did you get such wonderful ideas? 
Ideas come to me from everywhere. They come from things I’ve seen or done. They come from people I’ve known. They come from something I’ve read in an article. They come from dreams…and from nightmares. Look. Listen. Smell. Think. Ideas are all around you.
Come to think of it, one of my unicorns is rude too. But he gets it in the end. So why do you enjoy writing for middle grade kids?
The simplest answer to that is that I enjoy BEING a 12-year-old kid. Once I met up with an internet critique I’d know for a few years. Her first comment on meeting me was, “I thought you’d look more like a 12-year-old.” It’s an awesome age!
How funny. I have to admit I was very surprised when I saw your picture. I was expecting someone very young too. So what's coming up next?
Ohhh. Difficult question to answer since I have so many sticks in the fire. I wonder, wonder which one I shall pull out next to focus on?
I know how you feel. I'm the same. Now where can we buy your books? 

Star Opening is on both Amazon and Kindle. And War Unicorn? I’m afraid you’re going to have to hold your reins on that story until this summer

Thank you, Sandy. This has been fun. I'll post your website so people can visit.

Thanks, Suzanne, until we meet again.

And now, head on over to our other bloggers to find out about other great kids' books.



  1. Oh my goodness, Sandy, you sure sound like fun - as do your books!

  2. I think you hit on the true reason to write for tweens, Sandy. We can be a kid again as we escaped into that world of imagination. Rude unicorn? Oh my! Loved Suzannes' unicorns. Looking forward to meeting yours too. Fellow MIU sister, Janet

    1. Me too. Unicorns, unicorns, unicorns! And then there's sushi. Wait...what?