Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Teacher/Librarians, This is the Best Book to Teach Kids History!

Today I'm hosting Penny Estelle, a fine writer who makes learning history fun. Teacher/librarians take note. This is a must have collection for all American schools. I've read every single one and was highly entertained as were my boys, 11 and 13. There is magic and mystery and kids experience firsthand what happens in that time so long ago. Penny... 

Good morning Suzanne and thank you so much for letting me visit with you and your readers.  I am so very excited to let everybody know my print version of The Wickware Sagas is finally out!  

Strange things happen in Miss Wickware’s seventh grade history class.  Lights flash, electricity zaps throughout the classroom, radio turns on by itself!  But the most puzzling is that some of the students are transported back in time and come face to face with the person or subject that they are to do a report on.  When asked about these happenings, students just aren’t talking.

Word on the street points to old lady Wickware, herself.  Is magic involved?  Is she a witch?  Alien?  Or just an old lady who is passionate about history? As I said, nobody’s talking.

Read about…..

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare     Billy Cooper shrugs off a history assignment
until he comes face to face with a 14th Century legendary hero!  
Ride of a Lifetime    A bully learns the meaning of humility and trust
when he lands in 1777 on the Ride of a Lifetime

Flash to the Past    Can the snooty school princess and the nerdy braniac work together
to find their way back from the 18th century?

Bumped Back In Time   What does a twenty-first century tom-boy and the most famous poem ever written, have in common?

Riches to Rags    Richest kid in school finds himself on an 1875 Orphan Train with no money and no way of getting home.

The above stories are also in eBook form with the wonderful MuseItUp Publishing.   They can be purchased separately at

I have other stories published for the youngsters, to the middle grades, to the adults.  To find out more, check out any of the links below.  I love visitors!


  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Suzanne.

  2. Hi Penny, I loved the "loglines" to your stories. What inventive ideas - and I loved how you summed them up. They all sound massively intriguing! Best of luck with all your writing projects.

  3. And they're great stories. I had no idea a lot of this stuff happened until I read her stories. And sometimes, one of my sons shouts out, "Hey, that's the girl I read about in the story."

  4. Love the cover, drew me right in and made me want to read!