Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stories Inspired by Dreams - Heather Greenis' Natasha Series

I read the first of Heather Greenis’ Natasha stories and was swept along on a gentle breeze until the surprise ending. Now, I’m catching that soft wind again reading the next of her saga. I think you’ll enjoy her stories too. There’s a princess and a handsome guy, and …oh, you simply have to read it. Readers leave a comment for a chance to win one of Heather’s e-books.

 Welcome Heather. Please tell us about all your Natasha books. Blurb and covers

Thank you so much for having me.
The saga has a romance component but I don’t consider it a romance. The story deals with greed, compassion, family, choices, and sacrifices. It’s a four part saga.

Natasha’s Dream, Natasha’s Diary, Natasha’s Hope and concludes with Natasha’s Legacy.

You’ve got my interest piqued, especially since I really enjoyed the first one.   

I’m thrilled you enjoyed the first. I was fortunate. Over the course of editing, I worked with four different editors. The first, God bless them, Nancy and Teale guided me through the normal point of view issues. They tightened my writing to make it flow better, pointed out overused words, newbie stuff. They had patience and taught me a lot. By the time Natasha’s Legacy was ready for editing, the first book was out. I was reading the reviews. I spoke with my new content editor and told her what I wanted/needed help with, at least according to the reviewers. I wanted to grow and develop as an author. Sharon challenged me.  “You’re telling. Show me this.’ I did a lot of rewrites.  I’m thrilled with Natasha’s Legacy. I’ve received a few emails from people that have read all four. Legacy is their favourite.  They can see the difference in my writing, my growth as an author. Mission accomplished. 

Good for you. It’s amazing how we grow from our first publication. I found that too. How did you come up with these stories? Did they come about from something that really happened in your life?

Like my character Keeghan, I have weird dreams. I will combine events that happen to me, television programs I watch or conversations with people.  A dream inspired the saga, well, the end of Natasha’s Dream. I couldn’t get the characters out of my head. I questioned what this woman’s life would have been like.  My husband suggested I write about it.  The story grew and grew. 

I’m a weird dreamer too. Do you think any of the characters are really you? I know I find myself in a lot of my writing. Lots of things that happened in my childhood find themselves amidst the pages.

Definitely! Natasha and Keeghan are both compassionate with big hearts. That’s me.  Friends can see me and my life shining through at times. We write what we know. 

Heather, where can we buy your books

It’s a great time to buy them. They are all reduced from their regular price.

For more links, or to contact me see my website. 

I’m on facebookhttp://heathergreenis.weebly.com

My books are listed on goodreads

Thank you, Heather, for an interesting interview. I can’t wait to read more of the Natasha saga. Readers, leave a comment. Remember, you could win an ebook.

Let me know which book you would prefer
Natasha’s Dream - book 1
Natasha’s Diary - book 2
Natasha’s Hope - book 3
Natasha’s Legacy - book 4
and what format you’d like.  epub (kobo), PDF (tablet) , PRC (kindle)  or HTM (???).
Suzanne - you choose who wins a copy. 


Natasha’s Dream
Growing up, her only friends were her brothers and Nanny. In her parents' mind, she was a mistake. As a result of an innocent swim, she discovered life existed beyond the castle grounds. Families, peers, underprivileged children. Can a dream turn into reality? Anything is possible, but dreams come with consequences that not only affect her, but those she loves. What is Natasha willing to risk to persevere?

Natasha’s Diary

Keeghan’s subconscious has played tricks on her in the past, but she’s normally able to control the outcome of her dreams. No such luck with this story. The mystery magnifies when her husband William discovers something else by the eroding sea wall.  Something that piques their curiosity even further. Coincidence? 

Now, Keeghan wants the dream, the saga to continue. Drawn into this story more than she was prepared for, she needs answers.

Hope is growing up quickly. Intelligent, independent and stubborn. Negative traits inherited from both her mom and dad surface at inconvenient times. Will her beauty help or hinder her?    A tragedy.  Stewart is forced to make a decision that will affect his life and the rest of his family. Then, an encounter that changes everything. Is he ready for this? Has Stewart’s past really been left behind? Will history repeat itself? Trust, integrity and tradition all come into question.

Natasha’s Hope

Having read the diary, Hope desperately wants the world to evolve according to her dreams. Through Adam, Hope finds an inner strength she never knew existed. Life threatening events test her inner resolve and purpose in life.
Stewart’s design and contracting business outshines the competition, but his personal life continues to be unorthodox and unsettled. Will this shatter the family’s hopes for the future? His values conflict with reality and with Hope’s wishes. Stewart must make a lifestyle choice that affects the whole family and accept a new definition of happiness.

A clash of emotions threatens to destroy the family bond. Is the future of the orphanage secure?

Natasha’s Legacy

The legacy of the Venderkemp orphanage is still in question. Alex is the only family member capable of carrying on the family tradition. Does Hope’s soft spoken introverted son have the fortitude, the emotional strength needed to guide the business into the future?  

Keeghan and Will discover more than they dreamed possible.


  1. Nice interview, ladies! Isn't it interesting how a dream can really linger, staying with you all day (or longer)? I've already enjoyed the first two Natasha books, so if I'm fortunate enough to win, I'd love Natasha's Hope in epub format. Best of luck to both of you with all of your writing projects!

  2. So interesting to read how you feel your writing has developed, Heather. My editors helped me enormously, and I've also learned a lot since being published. Great interview!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your series and now would really love to read it. I hope I do win a free book. It is interesting to see that you use your dreams for your writing. Enjoyed the interview very much.

  4. Hi Suzanne and Heather, it is interesting to read your comment about dreams and then to see it picked up by two of the people who've commented. I have strange dreams too and sometimes I get inspiration for writing stories from them. Sometimes, though, I dream I've had a wonderful idea for a story and then when I wake up all excited, I realise either I've forgotten what I was dreaming and I suspect I was simply dreaming I had an idea, without actually having one! I enjoyed the interview and would also love to win an ebook!

  5. thanks so much for the comments Heather, Helen, Lionmother and Dawn. Even as a kid I remembered my dreams in detail. It's made for some interesting conversations. I wish someone had suggested writing a little earlier in my life. Who knows what could have transpired.