Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Great Sleuth Writer - Sara-Jayne Townsend

Today, I’m welcoming back Sara-Jayne Townsend. It’s been a while. Sara-Jayne writes these wonderful mystery books about a chick named Shara Summers. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I’m sure planning on it. And readers, if you leave a comment, you might just win one of Sara-Jayne’s ebooks. 

Sara-Jayne, good to see you again.

SJT:  Good to be back, Suzanne.  Here in the UK we’ve hit winter since we last spoke, but I know I can’t complain about winter to a Canadian. Our winters are pathetic compared to yours.  I lived in Ontario for eight years of my life, and I couldn’t deal with the winters there.  Now I am in London where the winter temperature generally hovers just above freezing and everyone complains.  But I don’t like the cold.  I must have been a bear in a previous life.  I want to hibernate until spring.

Sigh. I wish we had those snowy winters. I live in Vancouver and it’s rain, rain, and more rain. What I’d do to see a snowflake fall. So what’s happened since the last time we blogged? Tell us about your books. Who is this Shara Summers? I’m dying to know.

SJT: Shara Summers is a half-Canadian, half-British actress who just can’t stop poking her nose into places where it’s not wanted.  In the first book, DEATH SCENE, she is based in Toronto, but called back to England, where her mother and sister live, because of family illness. Once there, she starts poking about in family closets and rattles a few skeletons.

In the second book, DEAD COOL, she’s settled back in England and is persuaded, by her Canadian ex-boyfriend, to take the job of backing singer in the rock band he’s with that’s about to launch a European tour.  Tragedy strikes at the party on the night the tour opens when the lead singer falls to his death from a hotel room window.  Or was he pushed?  Shara is on the case.

I love the fact she’s half Canadian! I think there is possibly a bit of Shara Summers in us all. Why just the other day, I was doing my own sleuthing trying to determine who left their socks on the floor. Was it Buddy the dog who pulled it out of the laundry basket? Or was it Andre who was just too lazy to put them in the wash? Or  worse yet, was it the cleaning lady using it as a rag? I never did find out.

SJT:  The primary quality for an amateur sleuth is to be incurably nosy.  The sleuth has to go places most of us are not brave enough to venture.  I am nosy, but the need to be polite sometimes wins through. Through Shara, I am able to live vicariously. She is far nosier than I am.

I know what you mean. I never did ask the cleaning lady about it. But I did give Andre one of those Mom looks. So what’s next for you? What are you working on now? Or rather, what trouble is Shara Summers getting herself into?

SJT:  I’ve actually got a couple of works in progress on the go right now.  I am working on the third Shara Summers book, which came about because I wanted to pay homage to Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’, which in my view is one of the best mystery books ever written. So the third Shara book, which is entitled ‘Spotlight On Death’, has my intrepid amateur sleuth involved in a reality show that has ten people stranded in an allegedly haunted house on a remote island.  When people start dying, it becomes apparent there is a murderer amongst this group.  But who?

This novel is in first draft stage, so I’ve got a way to go before it’s ready to send out to the world.  I’m also working on a horror novel that is in final draft stage, and I’m hoping to be able to start subbing that very soon.

Yes, I remember ‘And Then There Were None’ very well. I read it as a teen and was hooked. Now, please do tell us where can we buy your books?

SJT:  You can buy the Shara Summers books in all e-book formats direct from the MuseItUp online store: 

For my other works (including the horror stories), check out Amazon (US link: 

and UK link: 

and my website 

Well, that was a most entertaining interview. Readers, here’s your chance to leave a comment and perhaps you’ll be the lucky one curling up with a Shara Summers mystery. And now, hop on over to Sara-Jayne's blog to read about my newly released print book, The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy. http://sayssara.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/mondays-friend-suzanne-de-montigny-2/


  1. Great interview! The Shara Summers books sound fantastic. I live in western New York, not too far from the Canadian border, so I know what a "real" winter is like :)

  2. Love this interview, Suzanne and Shara! Half-Canadian? I'm half-Canadian! Don't meet too many of us. Spend half the year in Mexico. Love the sound of your book, Shara. My current WIP takes place in Vancouver and London. In fact, I'm off to UK in May to visit my grandchildren and do some more research for my book. My son asks, "So, Ma, where would you like to visit?" My reply, "new Scotland Yard."


    1. That sounds really exciting, Joylene. I didn't know you were half-Canadian. I always thought you were Metis.

  3. Delightful interview. Yes, I live vicariously through my characters too. Ain't it fun being a writer??? Definitely have your books on my TBR list, Sara. (Love that little puppy face. Adorable.)