Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Great Book From Canadian Author Simon Rose

Today, I'm interviewing Simon Rose of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He's just released a fascinating novel called Future Imperfect. Welcome Simon.

Simon, please do tell what your novel is about. 
Future Imperfect is an exciting technology-driven adventure featuring teenage geniuses, corporate espionage, and mysterious messages. In the novel, we’re introduced to Andrew Mitchell, who was one of the leading experts in highly advanced technology in Silicon Valley, until he vanished following a car accident, which also injured his son, Alex. When a mysterious app later appears on Alex’s phone, he and his friend Stephanie embark on a terrifying journey involving secret technology, corporate espionage, kidnapping, and murder in a desperate bid to save the future from the sinister Veronica Castlewood. The story will appeal to all young readers for whom technology plays such a large role in their lives, whether it’s cell phones, laptops, tablets, gaming, or the online world, but it’s also a very compelling adventure story, with lots of cliffhangers, twists, and turns. There might even be a couple of sequels, but we’ll wait and see what the future holds, I guess.
How long have you been writing? 

The first novel, The Alchemist’s Portrait, was published in 2003 and written over the previous couple of years. The others followed on a regular basis since then.

What made you begin writing?

I always had lots of ideas for stories but never thought about creating my own novels until I became a parent. Around that time the Harry Potter books first appeared, as well as The Golden Compass and its sequels, and these books inspired me to create stories about the topics that interested me, such as history, time travel, fantasy, science fiction, comic books, the paranormal, superheroes, ancient civilizations and mysteries, and the unexplained.

What other novels have you written?

Future imperfect is my tenth novel for young adults. The other novels include The Alchemist's PortraitThe Sorcerer's LetterboxThe Clone ConspiracyThe Emerald CurseThe Heretic's TombThe Doomsday MaskThe Time CameraThe Sphere of Septimus, and  FlashbackI’ve also written more than 80 nonfiction books for children and young adults, but have also written books for adults. These include The Children's Writer's GuideThe Working Writer's GuideThe Social Media Writer's GuideSchool and Library Visits for Authors and Illustrators, andExploring the Fantasy Realm. 
What's next?

My previous novel, Flashback, is a paranormal adventure involving psychic phenomena, ghosts, imaginary friends, mind control experiments, secrets, conspiracies, and time travel with a difference. Flashback has two sequels coming out in 2017, one in the spring and the third installment in the summer. I'm also working on plans for some sequels to The Sphere of Septimus and as I mentioned earlier Future imperfect may also generate some more adventures. I'm also working on a parallel universe trilogy which I hope to have completed later this year.  

So what are your purchasing links?

Future Imperfect is available at local bookstores, online at Amazon Canada, Amazon USAIndigo/ChaptersBarnes and NobleAmazon UK, and other locations, and autographed copies can also be purchased directly from me via my website. You can also always buy autographed copies of all the other books from me and they're all available at all the usual sites online.

Well, that's pretty impressive. Thanks, Simon. I can't wait to read your books.


  1. Future Imperfect sounds exciting. A great interview Suzanne and Simon.

  2. Congratulations, Simon. Great to see another Canadian author do well. Your book sounds wonderful. You're a huge inspiration.