Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Welcome to the world of unicorns.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What Name Would You Choose if You Were a Nun?

I spent much of this week driving my boys around since they're home for the summer. My eldest is 14, my youngest 12. Andre was in a skate board camp, and Philippe was busily playing his fiddle on Granville Island, his self-made summer job. So while driving around, I had a silly thought. "What would my name be if I were  nun?"

Now you're probably wondering why I'm thinking such a thing when I'm obviously married and in no position to become one, but you see, I've been watching this great series on Netflix entitled, Call the Midwife. Talk about a fascinating televisions show. My husband and I were literally glued to the tv every night watching this.

Let me tell you briefly what the show is about. A young woman, Jennie Lee, becomes a midwife in the east end of London during the late fifties. She and her fellow workers live in a convent with nuns. Some of the nuns' names are really interesting: Sister Monica Jone, Sister Julienne, Sister Bernadette, Sister Winifred. So I got to thinking, what would I name myself if I were a nun?

It can't be your own name. They typically name themselves after saints. So no Sister Ashley, no Sister Mackenzie, or Sister Sophia.

You can choose names like: Sister Mary Eunice, Sister Erma-Linda, Sister Isabelle, Sister Mercedis, Sister Magella, Sister Raymunda, etc.

So after careful thought, I came up with Sister Marie-Claire. What would yours be?


  1. Hi Suzanne, Call the Midwife is very popular here and, curiously a member of the crew while travelling in India in January. He was amazingly modest and simply said how nice it was to have worked on a programme people recognised. I would make the world's worst nun, so maybe I should choose a name reflecting that. How about Sister Incompetence? anne stenhouse, MIU author of historical romance

    1. Which character did he play? Do you live in the UK?

  2. Suzanne, this was funny! I've thought of being a nun a couple of times, nothing serious! I like boys too much. :) But if I did take my vows and all that, I think I'd be Sister Emerentiana. Found it on Catholic.org and it's exotic. I'd need to let my quirkiness out somehow and I'm sure nuns aren't allowed to be too colorful, so I could just change my nickname up every so often. Sister Em, Sister Emmy, Sister Ren, Sister Tia, Sister Tiana. Here's a question--do nuns call each other by nicknames?

  3. I don't think they call each other nicknames. I think it's very formal, but I seem to remember as a child, the nuns in our school calling each other by their name without the Sr. in front. Sister Emerentiana. Now that's a mouthful!